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PulseOn Arrhythmia Monitor System

PulseOn Arrhythmia Monitor System is used to assist in the diagnosis, screening and monitoring of atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmias visible in Lead I ECG. The system consists of a wrist-worn device and a data management service. The wrist device monitors pulse rate during periods of no motion, and allows the patient to take instant ECG measurements.

Long term continuous monitoring

PulseOn Arrhythmia Monitor can be worn seven days without recharging. The device can be recharged in two hours and thus used for weeks or months to allow detection of hard to find arrhythmias with literally no change in patients life. 

Detection of silent arrhythmias

The device monitors pulse constantly during periods of no motion and notifies to take an ECG measurement if an irregular rhythm is detected. Efficient tool in detecting even asymptomatic arrhythmias. 

AF detection



95,5 %


99,2 %

PulseOn Arrhythmia Monitor has received the following performance in detecting atrial fibrillation in population over 50 years when evaluated in 5-minute segments: sensitivity 95.5 %, specificity 99.2 % (disregarding the segments of undetermined rhythm, 46 %).

Complete solution

PulseOn flow

The flow

Complete connected solution from detection to results reading

PPG arrhythmia detection

Continuous arrhythmia detection

Optical sensor monitors pulse continuously 24/7 for rhythm irregularities and notifies to take an ECG measurement.

ECG measurement

ECG measurement

Easy ECG measurement with the same device. Just place the other hand on the device for 35 seconds.

Data management service

Secure data management

Simple data transfer to cloud. Secure data management service for storage and automated data analysis.

ECG results on screen

Fast interpretation

Easy results reading on web-interface. Automated pre-analyzed data for faster diagnosis and treatment decision. 

System components

PulseOn Arrhythmia Monitor

Ref. AM-1

Arrhythmia Monitor

PulseOn Arrhythmia Monitor wrist device continuously measures patient’s heartbeats to analyze pulse rate for possible cardiac rhythm irregularities. If an episode of irregular rhythm is detected, the device notifies the patient to take an ECG recording.  

Charging dock and device

Ref. CD-1

Charging Dock

Charging dock for easy recharging of the wrist device in less than 2 hours. The dock allows data connection with a computer to transfer results and to set up the device for patients. 


Ref. GW-1

Gateway (optional)

Easy data transfer from home.  Plug it – ready. The gateway allows almost real-time monitoring of patients from distance. It is an alternative way to transfer data from the wrist device to the data management service.


Data management service

Ref. DMS-1

Data Management Service

Secure cloud service with an easy web-interface for healthcare professionals. A robust back-end service to manage and store patient data. Automated arrhythmia classification and practical tools make results interpretation easy for faster diagnosis and treatment decisions. 


  • No unnecessary waste, all parts are reusable 
  • Easy to clean